Swiss market trends 2020 – Where is the focus?

Great news for anyone who wants to make a career move or who is interested in coming to work in Switzerland. There will be many opportunities for those who can offer skills. Indeed, skill is the key word, most areas of opportunities you will find below are meant for highly skilled professionals. Highly skilled does not equal highly educated. Indeed, you can be very educated and jobless if your profession is not in-demand. Highly skilled means professionals trained in a very specific niche in-demand on the Swiss market. If you are a student or debating on a career move, this article will guide you.

In general, the Adecco Study “Swiss Skills Shortage Index 2019” published in November 2019 shows five main growth sectors in Switzerland:

  • Engineering jobs: Electronics Engineers
  • Technicians: Air conditioning and heating specialists
  • Fiduciary jobs: Auditors, tax consultants
  • IT jobs: Analysts, Programmers
  • Medicine & Pharma


German-speaking Switzerland

  • Engineering jobs
  • IT jobs
  • Fiduciary jobs
  • Technicians
  • Medicine & Pharma

French and Italian Switzerland:

  • Technicians
  • Fiduciary jobs
  • Medicine & Pharma
  • Engineers
  • Technical draughting jobs


Using job boards such as,,, the market top 5 in-demand professions:

  1. IT
  2. Banking jobs
  3. Sales
  4. Fiduciary / Finance


Based on LinkedIn Learning research, some of the most wanted soft skills for 2020 will be:

  • Creativity, Persuasion, Collaboration, Adaptability, Emotional Intelligence.

As for the most in demand hard skills:

  • Blockchain, Cloud computing, Analytical Intelligence and Machine Learning, UX Design, Business Analysis, Affiliate Marketing, Sales, Scientific Computing and Video production.


LinkedIn Learning offers courses in the above topics, and I would highly recommend that you browse the courses online. Other sources can be as basic as YouTube where you can find many free tutorials. If you are looking for a more advanced degree, you can assess university curriculum /programmes against the above professions and skills needed on the Swiss market. There will be a QS Connect MBA event in March where you can also meet me in person to discuss your career project.

Of course, this study is just a guideline, you can be successful in other sectors, but the purpose was to show you market trends and most-in-demand. It is always easier to get a job when your skill is in shortage than if you have a lot of competition.

If none of these professions / careers appeal to you, I would suggest the “no brainer, guaranteed job” career choice around basic human needs like: Food, Shelter and Healthcare. Careers in restauration, food processing, real estate, sales and finally Healthcare (doctors, nurses and specialists) will always be in demand. Also, as creativity and video production are skills in demand, you can create your own job online and start working today.

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